Caustic calcinated magnesite (magnesium oxide)

Caustic calcinated magnesiteCalcined magnesite Caustic calcined magnesite (magnesium oxide) ALDEMAG® is a source of high quality magnesium carbonate roasting.

Our caustic calcined magnesite (magnesium oxide) is fired in a modern high-performance furnace using natural gas and high activity.

  • Additive to animal feed
    Magnesium is necessary for the diet of animals for normal appetite, growth and reproduction.
    As a rule, there is a shortage of magnesium, an additional source of magnesium in high bioavailability is important to ensure the best results of animal production. Magnesium Oxide (MgO) is the most widely used in the feed industry.

  • Fertilizer application
    The importance of magnesium (Mg) for human and plant nutrition has been well studied. Magnesium Oxide (Caustic Calcined Magnesite) is used as an additive for magnesium deficient soils, especially for crops such as potatoes, vegetables, fruits, and herbal pastures. ALDEMAG® is the main magnesium for plant nutrition.

  • magnesium oxideCement sorrel (magnesia cement)
    ALDEMAG® is the preferred magnesium oxide for Magnesia Cement (Sorel), which is specially designed and manufactured for use.
    Salt cement (magnesium cement) is used in the production of self-leveling floors (magnesia floor), the production of abrasive stones (polishing stones for marble, granite), as well as for grinding wheels.


All grades of magnesium oxides (caustic calcined magnesia) and various grain fractions can be supplied in big bags of 1,100 kg or in bags of 25 kilograms each.

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